Luke first and foremost is very professional in his dealings and is always very comfortable to work with. This coupled with his knowledge of the industry (son of a successful builder) and the Wilmington area has enabled him to be the perfect guide and advisor. Luke is an excellent communicator and we have been comfortable having Luke act as our representative to the many diverse parties involved in a real estate transaction. He has always been available (great responsiveness) and has shown that he will go the 'extra mile' in researching an issue or finding out the history of a property. Finally, and maybe most importantly, he has proven to be honest and trustworthy in his dealings both with us and others. My wife and I recommend Luke very highly for anyone looking for a real estate agent in the Wilmington area.

While there are many qualified realtors in the New Hanover County area, Luke is among the best because he provides truly exceptional service. He is not only savvy, but communicative, responsive, and proactive. Luke handles simple problems efficiently and presents qualified options for the more   complex problems. More, he does so while remaining genuinely gracious. Strongly recommended.